Painting toy soldiers is one of the nicer things you can do in your hobby time. Some people play video games spending hours upon hours getting good at a skill that gives you nothing in return. Spending the same amount of time in this hobby can produce spectacular results. 

If you are starting out it can be a bit daunting. You see the pictures and think "I can never get it to that level". In some cases this is very true. The pictures you see are models that are painted by professional painters. Set your goals of what you want to achieve. We recommend the Army painter method if this is your first army. It gets you a painted army fast. You can really see the results, it improves your basic brush technique and most importantly builds your confidence for those special models in your army.  

Start with the Mantic basic stater, select some special paints that you need for your army from our Vallejo range, undercoat with an Army painter Colour Spray and use Army painter Dip then your army will be painted in no time.

Spray tutorial 

Paint Comparison

We get asked alot about Vallejo paint  and what is it like compared to Citadel paint. Well back in the day Vallejo was Citadel paint supplier and you will find that alot of the colours have the same name. Of course over time the two companies went there separate ways. Vallejo has the most comprehensive paint range on the market with some of the biggest names in paint preferring this Vallejo over all other. 

If your starting for the first time look at picking up the Mantic starter set as this will give you all the basic colours (mantic paint is Vallejo) and then expand from there. If you are looking to take your painting to the next level check out inks and washes and if you are like us and have been doing this for years and just looking to replace the paints you used to have check out the colour guide below. 



Vallejo Game Color


 Skull White

Dead White (001)


 Smelly Primer*

White Primer (002)


 Pallid Flesh*

Pale Flesh (003)


 Elf Flesh

Elf Skintone (004)

 Bad Moon Yellow*

Bald Moon Yellow (005)


 Sunburst Yellow

Sunblast Yellow (006)


 Golden Yellow

Gold Yellow (007)


 Desert Yellow

Desert Yellow (063)


 Fiery Orange *

Orange Fire (008)


 Blazing Orange

Hot Orange (009)


 Blood Red

Bloody Red (010)


 Red Gore

Gory Red (011)


 Scab Red

Scarlett Red (012)



Terracotta (065)


 Tentacle Pink*

Squid Pink (013)


 Warlock Purple

Warlord Purple (014)


 Liche Purple

Hexed Lichen (015)


 Imperial Purple*

Royal Purple (016)


 Nauseating Blue *

Sick Blue (017)


 Storm Blue *

Stormy Blue (018)


 Midnight Blue*

Night Blue (019)


 Regal Blue

Imperial Blue (020)


 Enchanted Blue

Magic Blue (021)


 Ultramarine Blue

Ultra Marine Blue (022)


 Ice Blue

Ice Blue (095)


 Lightning Bolt Blue *

Electric Blue (023)


 Hawk Turquoise

Turquoise (024)


 Vile Green *

Foul Green (025)


 Jade Green*

Jade Green (026)


 Scaly Green *

Scurvy Green (027)


 Dark Angels Green

Dark Green (028)


 Snot Green

Sick Green (029)


 Goblin Green

Goblin Green (030)


 Camo Green

Camouflage Green (031)


 Scorpion Green

Scorpy Green (032)


 Bilious Green *

Livery Green (033)


 Catachan Green

Cayman Green (067)


 Bleached Bone

Bonewhite (034)


 Rotting Flesh

Dead Flesh (035)


 Bronzed Flesh *

Bronze Flesh (036)


 Vomit Brown

Filthy Brown (037)


 Leprous Brown*

Scrofulous Brown (038)


 Bubonic Brown

Plague Brown (039)


 Snakebite Leather

Cobra Leather (040)


 Dwarf Flesh

Dwarf Skin (041)


 Vermin Brown

Parasite Brown (042)


 Bestial Brown

Beasty Brown (043)


 Graveyard Earth

Earth (062)


 Kommando Khaki

Khaki (061)


 Dark Flesh

Dark Fleshtone (044)


 Tanned Flesh *

Tan (066)


 Scorched Brown

Charred Brown (045)


 Ghostly Grey *

Ghost Grey (046)


 Space Wolves Grey

Wolf Grey (047)


 Shadow Grey

Sombre Grey (048)


 Fortress Grey

Stonewall Grey (049)


 Codex Grey

Cold Grey (050)


 Chaos Black

Chaos Black (051)


 Mithril Silver

Mithril Silver (052)



Chain Mail (053)


 Boltgun Metal

Gunmetal (054)


 Burnished Gold

Polished Gold (055)


 Shining Gold

Glorious Gold (056)


 Dwarf Bronze

Bright Bronze (057)


 Brazen Brass *

Brassy Brass (058)


 Beaten Copper *

Hammered Copper (059)


 Tin Bitz

Tinny Tin (060)


 Black Ink *

Black Ink (94)


 Dark Green Ink *

Green Ink (89)


 Flesh Wash *



 Magenta Ink *



 Purple Ink *

Violet Ink (87)



 Off White


 Adeptus Battlegrey

Heavy Grey (145)


 Astronomicon Grey

Heavy Bluegrey (144)


 Calthan Brown

Heavy Siena (154)


 Charadon Granite

Heavy Charcoal (155)


 Dheneb Stone

Heavy Warmgrey (148)


 Fenris Grey



 Gretchin Green

Heavy Khaki (149)


 Hormagaunt Purple

Heavy Violet (142)


 Iyanden Darksun

Heavy Goldbrown (151)


 Khemri Brown

Heavy Brown (153)


 Knarloc Green

Heavy Green (146)


 Macharius Solar Orange

Heavy Orange (152)


 Mechrite Red

Heavy Red (141)


 Mordian Blue

Heavy Blue (143)


 Necron Abyss



 Orkhide Shade

Heavy Blackgreen (147)


 Tausept Ochre

Heavy Ochre (150)


 Tallarn Flesh

Heavy Skintone (140)


 Asurmen Blue Wash

Blue Shade Wash (73207)


 Baal Red Wash

Red Shade Wash (73206)


 Badab Black Wash

Black Wash (73201)


 Devlan Mud Wash

Umber Shade Wash (73203)


 Gryphonne Sepia Wash

Sepia Wash (73200)


 Leviathan Purple  Wash

**** Pale Grey Shade Wash (73202)


 Ogryn Flesh Wash

Fleshtone Shade Wash (73204)


 Thraka Green Wash

Green Shad Wash (73205)

(* Discontinued ** Approx Colour *** Same but will be a bit different) The colour plate is the bes we could do please if you have any questions ask them to info@hobbyhub.co title Paint.