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The hobbyhub.co Manifesto

Welcome to hobbyhub.co, 

                                      where we strive to bring you the best products available to get you into and support the needs of the tabletop war gaming community. 

 When starting a new hobby it can be a bit daunting at first, trying to work out exactly what you want and need to get the best results. Hobbyhub.co understands this and we provide you with the essential guide in our getting started selection of products. 

With this agenda in mind our goal is to get as many new players, painters and collectors into this fantastic educational and fun hobby with a minimum of fuss. 

You can follow us on twitter @ hobbyhub_co or join our facebook page hobbyhub.co/facebook for all the latest product updates and reviews. Not only that, but at our facebook page, you can post up your latest masterpiece, talk games or find a player in your local area. Just by 'liking' us on facebook - you could also win some great free prizes!

We at hobbhub.co want to support the community wherever we can, so if you are looking organise an event, we are always happy to support you through promotion and prize support, so drop us a line and we will see what we can do!. 

Hobbyhub.co will also be holding its very own special hobbyhub sessions (HHS). These HHS give you a chance to meet up with fellow gamers and have an awesome time -  we will have painting comps, Kings of War and Warpath tournaments among heaps of other crazy activities. So get signed up NOW to our newsletter and make sure you keep up to date on where and when the mayhem will begin. 

Game on,

James Pheils

Managing Director